5 Steps To More Beautiful Skin

No matter what age you're at - a good skin care routine is a must, and it's not just about retaining a youthful glow. Every day, our skin is exposed to some of the harshest conditions including UV radiation, blustery wind, dry heat and of course, city smog and air pollution. It's really no wonder that our skin peels, cracks and blisters - the elements are stacked against it.

A good skin care routine gives our skin a line of defence and will keep it looking healthy. Depending on the stage you're at in your life, your skin care regime will vary - learn what you should do to keep your skin looking radiant and vibrant for the long term.


Before you begin, make sure you know which skin type you are. Is your skin quite oily or do you have dry skin that needs constant moisturising? Or maybe you're a combination of both. Skin care products are developed to suit varying skin types and you don't want to be using a dry skin creamfor oily skin. Once you've established your skin's behaviour, you can consider how you'll proceed with your skin care routine and which products you should choose.

Most of the skin care products that you'll find on the shelves are related to cleansing your skin. A good cleanser is important to remove the dirt and grime we're exposed to on a daily basis. Choose a facial pore cleanser that is mild and gentle to the skin; you're looking to remove impurities but not completely strip your skin of its natural oils. Remember, that it's not just about finding a good cleanser for your face - look for an effective body wash that washes away cleanly, especially if you have particularly hard water. 


When it comes to moisturising, it's about sealing in the natural moisture of your skin. This means that the best time to moisturise is fresh out of the shower - you'll want to pat your skin dry but ensure that it is still slightly damp. Choose a natural moisturiser according to your skin type - even naturally oily skin can become dry and flaky in patches during the winter months.


Giving your skin the nourishment it needs will keep it looking radiant and healthy. A healthy and balanced diet will help boost your overall immune system and improve your skin. Of the specific vitamins and nutrients that are said to be beneficial for the skin - vitamin C and E are the best known and viewed by experts as being the most important; they have been shown to minimise the harmful effects of sun exposure. Meanwhile, Vitamin A, B-complex, K and a variety of minerals have also been shown to have helpful benefits to skin health. 

The best thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from damage, especially against the UV radiation of the harsh Australian sun. Many skin care lotions will come with a certain amount of UV protection for day to day, while stronger a sunscreen will be needed if you plan to be outdoors. Avoid smoking and take extra care to protect your skin from exposure to the dry air during the winter months. 

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